Passing THISROW() into the Input Row of a new screen

I've also got a similar problem. I've got a column list that I want the user to be able to select a record from that takes them to a details page of that record but I cannot figure out how to have the record that they select be the input and then pull the information to be displayed over to the details page. I've attached a screen shot of the initial table that they would select from first and then another of the details page. As you can see on the details page it's forcing me to use a picklist but it's not auto-populating the picklist based off the selected record.

Here's a screen shot of the details page with the picklist

Hi @John-d7fc,

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Thanks for posting your question here too with screenshots -

First, I'll note that you have a syntax error in your formula. To correct this, it would look like:
=THISROW()[Invoice #]

I would also say that when you first select a new screen to navigate to, you can set the action to pass the context row in as the input row.

If you'd like to try this method, you can reset this action in your button automation by selecting "No Selection" (it will then go back to "Select screen"):

Then select the desired Details screen, and you will be able to pass in THISROW() to the $[InputRow]:

Now when you click on that button, the app will navigate to the Details screen and pass in the context row values. You can also put that automation action on the list item itself too (and then you would not need the button).

I hope this is helpful! :honeybee: Let us know. :slight_smile:

Ok so I got that to work using the THISROW() for the details screen, now on that screen I there's an approve button, when they click that button I want to confirm their approval but I can't figure out how to continue to take that invoice # value forward multiple pages. I've got it working on the details page, but how do I get it to carry over to the next "approval" page?

Hi @John-d7fc,

Great, I'm glad you got it to work using THISROW() :slight_smile:

If you wish to continue to pass the invoice value along to the next screen, you will want to use the same concept of updating the automations of the next buttons to also pass THISROW() into the input row.

Each button that navigates to a new screen will need to have this specified, since THISROW() contains all of the data in the current context row (including the invoice number).

You could specify the invoice number only (perhaps by writing the =[Invoice #] value to an existing invoice number variable on the new screen). However I feel in your case, passing in the entire row may be what's needed, since there are likely other values in that row you will be referencing on that new screen.

Let me know if that makes sense, and if you have any further questions. :honeybee: