Passing value into form

I'm working on making a simple tracker for who is working on which clients (consulting). For the purposes of explanation, I have three tables: clients, staff, and the actual assignments (I want to assign certain datapoints to each person's assignment on a client - how intense their work is and when they start/finish their time on that client).

On my app builder, I have a list of all the clients and a detail screen of each client. On the detail screen I added a form that allows me to assign a new staff member to the client. The form works fine if I type all the info manually each time.

However, I am having trouble passing info on the client over to the form so the "client" field can be filled in automatically. It's coming from the detail screen, so on the detail screen in the automation settings for the button to open the form, I set it to pass THISROW() to my $[InputRow] variable.

On the form side of things, I want the field $[Engagement Content] to have an initial value of the [Engagement Name] column that should be in $[InputRow]

Am I going about this correctly? This always errors out (and when I submit the form and leave the initial value unchanged, it errors out (#REF!) on the table once submitted.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

Hi @nottheherb,

Thanks for your post and screenshots here! :slight_smile:

If you wish to pass in the input row from a details screen to a new screen, you would simply enter $[InputRow] in the "Take data from" field like this:

ThisRow() is instead used in a context of a list. If you were to have a button in a list or have a list item navigate to a new screen upon click, then ThisRow() would be used to pass in the row.

I hope that helps clarify! :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any further questions around this. :honey_pot: