Pasting date and it's reduced by one day

I'm loading data daily into a table from an excel file. I do this through a simple copy and paste of the data. My dates are losing a day when I paste them. For example if I pasted a date of 11/4/2020, when the data saves into the honeycode table it's saved as 11/3/2020. There are no formulas impacting any of these dates, it's simply losing a day on every date I paste. This is a big problem for my data accuracy.

Hi @Kris-5dce,

Thanks for your post here! :honeybee:

I tried out what you're describing (copying and pasting a date from a new Excel file to a new table in Honeycode), and it pasted the correct date as expected into Honeycode.

Are you seeing this with just a particular excel file or Honeycode workbook?

Since you've mentioned you've already checked for formulas, another suggestion I have is to re-save the excel file with the encoding of UTF-8, and then try to copy and paste the data again. (Save As > CSV UTF-8 format, and then copy and paste from that new file to Honeycode).

Let me know if that works.

If that doesn't help, submit this issue to us in Honeycode right after doing the copy and paste (click on help icon in left-hand panel > "Report an issue"). From there, we can look at the logs to see what may be happening.

I cannot save it as such given that it is an excel file with power query tables. I have four date columns, one pasting correctly, the other three are not. When I check what is in my clipboard it is accurate but as soon as I paste to Honeycode, I lose a day. All four columns are formatted identically. I've tried every type of formatting and nothing changes. There are no formulas in the columns in honeycode. I am not sure if it is Honeycode or my excel file causing the issues.

Hi @Kris-5dce thanks for the extra details you shared. For next steps to help us investigate, would you be able to try the copy and paste again, then once the issue occurs you can 'Report an issue' in.

When you 'Report an issue' it will give us logs our team can look at to help troubleshoot further.

In the comments area of report an issue you can input "issue with copy and pasting dates". I'll be on the look out for the issue report you submit and will take a further look from there.


Hi @Kris-5dce
I wanted to check in to see if you are still experiencing the issue. If you are, let me know and 'Report an issue' in so we can see the logs to troubleshooter further.

If you have any other question as you are building, feel free to post in our community! We are here to support you throughout your building journey :hammer_and_wrench: