Patterns, Concepts, Demonstrations, and Integrations

Hey Honeycoders! When you're in a hurry, a simple hint may be all you need to help build your vision in Honeycode. These bite-sized pieces of content help to illustrate a pattern, a concept, or an integration as quickly as possible. We have collected these from workshops, building sessions, and real world work with our customers.

From time to time we publish supporting documentation, code snippets and example integrations to help you be successful with Honeycode.

Recordings, Labs, and Github Repos

  1. Augmenting Bulk Data in Honeycode - Managing Multiple Teams' Approvals
    How can you get multiple teams to approve content, and how do they approve it in bulk? This episode shows you how to manage parallel approval with several people in each team.
    Twitch link (Video, 28 min)
    Github repo TBD (Presentation, reference UP009)
    Date: April 7th, 1PM Pacific time

  2. Spreadsheets to Honeycode (rescheduled)
    In this webinar you will find some key concepts as you consider moving from a spreadsheet based process to a web app based collaborative process.
    YouTube link (Video, 30 min)
    Date: March 31st, 1:30PM Pacific time

  3. Augmenting Bulk Data in Honeycode - Importing and exporting data
    How do you get data in and out of Honeycode? We present the import capabilities, and a easy to implement pattern to update OR insert (aka. upsert) into your record.
    YouTube link (Video, 21 min)
    Github repo TBD (Presentation, reference UP009)
    Date: March 31st, 1PM Pacific time

  4. Augmenting Bulk Data in Honeycode - Context while editing records
    What if you want to see past approved data, or related records, or links to third party websites while you are editing or approving - check out this video for some ideas.
    YouTube link (Video, 25 min)
    Github repo (Presentation, reference UP009)
    Date: March 24th, 1PM Pacific time

  5. Augmenting Bulk Data in Honeycode - Editing records in bulk, and inline editing
    A short demonstration showing how to update lots of records with one click, how to append, and how to edit records in line without going to a new screen.
    YouTube link - (Video, 15 min)
    Github repo (Presentation, reference UP009)
    Date: March 17th, 1PM Pacific time

  6. Augmenting Bulk Data in Honeycode - Wide Tables and Narrow Apps
    Learn how to use tabs to navigate side to side through a table with many columns. This is a common problem in web apps, Honeycode has an easy way to solve it.
    Twitch link (Video, 20 min)
    Github repo TBD (Presentation, reference UP009)

  7. Honeycode and Connect integration (Customer Favorite)
    In this video we demonstrate how easy it is to update Amazon Connect contact flow messages safely from Honeycode.
    Twitch link - (Video, 15 min)
    See Github repo - (Lab, 30-60 min, reference DL010)

  8. Honeycode RBAC - Role Based access Controls
    An overview of out of the box access controls (Invite, Sharing, Personalization), as well as several patterns for setting up row level access controls within your workbook/app.
    YouTube Link - (Video, 60 min, reference: UP002)

  9. Honeycode Table API to S3, DynamoDB and QuickSight (Customer Favorite)
    In this Lab, you will integrate the Customer Tracker template with S3 buckets, DynamoDB and Amazon Quicksight.
    See Github repo - (Lab, 30 min, reference: DL007)

  10. Slack + Zapier + Honeycode
    In this Lab you will make TODO items from Slack appear in Honeycode "Simple TODO" template by using Zapier as the integration middleware.
    See Github repo - (Lab, 30-60 min, reference: DL006)

  11. Immersion Day (Labs, 1,2,3,4,5)
    Five exercises you can do on your own to learn the basics of Amazon Honeycode
    See Immersion Day website - (Labs, 3 hours, reference: DL005)

  12. Screen APIs with QuickSight
    Example code to use the screen APIs to take data from Amazon Honeycode to Amazon Quicksight.
    See Github repo - (Lab, 30-60 minutes, reference: DL001)

  13. Improving Team Productivity Through Apps Built Without Programming on Amazon Honeycode - You will get an overview of Amazon Honeycode and see an application modified in real time.
    See Youtube video - (Video 38 min)

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