Payment Processing

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  • What’s your feature request?I would like a way to process payments - similar to a Point of Sale functionality.

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?I have built an app that manages takeout orders for restaurants. Effectively, it tracks and prioritizes food orders to make sure that each customer gets their food in a timely manner, and that no one is overlooked. I believe this app could easily be integrated with other systems as well. However, it would be useful if I could add a payment processing system into the Honeycode app itself. Maybe an "easy" integration with Amazon Pay? This could also provide a second stream of revenue for the platform via processing fees.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?Not being able to process payments severely limits any sort of POS functionality making it less likely that a customer facing unit will use an app designed in Honeycode. For example, I already have apps that could be implemented in door to door sales, food service, hospitality, and retail but their usefulness is limited by the need to use a secondary system to process payments - this makes the process harder and prone to human error (or creates the need for a real developer to integrate systems via API).
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Hey there @Jared! These are great ideas, thank you for sharing. We've come across many different apps but managing takeout orders is a novel one! I love it, especially with this idea of integrating with other systems and accepting payments, such as with Amazon Pay :slight_smile:

Let me pass these on over to the product team for future consideration. Thanks again and please keep these ideas coming in!

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