Personalization not working properly!

I have a table Tasks with 2 columns "Task Owners" and "Managers". Both are formatted as rowlinks with picklists pointing to tables having Name columns with contact formats.
In the app:
When trying to personalize a list using "Managers" it works OK. While trying to personalize using "Task Owners" it does not. As far as i can tell everything for both fields is set up the same way.
Kindly help figure out the solution. Is there something i might be missing.

Hi @Sankalp,

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First off, you may not need to have additional Name tables, since you can just add the contacts directly into the specified columns. So rather than having a rowlink format to another table, directly set the format of the "Task Owner" and "Manager" columns to the Contact format.

Then you can personalize by those columns with the contact data, as demonstrated in this article: How to Personalize App Views.

There may be some additional builder tips in that article too that can be useful. :slight_smile:

Let us know if that helps. :honeybee:

If you're still having trouble, could you let us know more details on how you set up your list and tables? Perhaps provide screenshots of what you are seeing.

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