Pick List "NO DISPLAY" - help

Hi guys,

I'm really new to Honeycode, and not the techiest of people. I'm trying to build a bookings and invoicing system for our small not for profit in the UK (community catering service), and will really appreciate any help to get proficient. Apologies in advance for the very basic / silly questions!

First problem - I'm trying to add a picklist to link my customers table to my AddressBook table. Should be simple, but when I hit go all the fields in the "Address" column that I've created in the "Customers" table read (NO DISPLAY) and the first address row already seems to have 4 customers linked to it, which I haven't done. I also don't seem to be able to select the first address row as an option. I'm sure this is utterly basic, I'm really new to this. Any help or advice really welcome..... Also, if anyone wouldn't mind offering a bit of support as a coach while I work out the basics, I'd be really grateful.


I've just realised the field is stating (NO DISPLAY) if the first field in the address "Room / Floor" is blank (which it will be for some addresses but not for others). Is there a way to change the field from the AddressBook table that this column displays by default to something that will always have data in it?

Hi @Corin-9342 thank you for your post! Our community is here to support you, so feel free to post any other questions that you may have. Also, if you have any feedback as you use the product continue to provide that feedback as well (thank you for your feedback a couple weeks ago :grinning: )

To select a different column that you want to display from a rowlink, what you can do in your table is update the display text for the column's format. This will allow you to display a column that you would like. In my example I updated the display text to the ‘Address’ column. Here is a screenshot:

One thing I do want to mention, that can help you as you progress through your workbook, is that you may want to change the order of the columns for your AddressBook table. From your description, it sounds like the first column is the ‘Room/Floor’ column and the ‘Address’ column comes after it. Based on the title of your table, it sounds like this table is showing all the unique addresses that the catering service serves. If this is the case, I’d recommend that you make the ‘Address’ column your first column.

Generally speaking you will want to have the first column in your table to have the information that your table is representing. In your case, if your AddressBook table lists out all the unique addresses then you will want to make ‘Address’ your first column. The address represents the unique identifier of each unique address. This will be important as you create more and more tables in your workbook so that when you create links between tables they are linked by the unique identifier of the tables.

Here is an article that reviews some data modeling concepts and here is a video from our Explorer Series that reviews rowlinks/picklists

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions!