Picklist in app to call data to app

I am trying to get my app to run a tournament

Matches are assigned numbers for two players who have a table to go to
On my app I have the next 8 games showing

I then made a picklist to select which of these next 8 games I am assigning to a table
What I need is once the picklist chooses a match number, two data boxes can display the two player names so i can then use another picklist to choose one of the available tables
A button can then confirm this selection and off they go

I have tried all kinds of findrow and vlookup routes but findrow just chucks up n/a or name error
The help section is beyond useless and the little warning triangles might as well not be there as they don’t even show the error steps unlike excel
I am at a loss here as trying to do something relatively straight forward in excel seems a nightmare in this “no code” environment

Hi @Cliv-cd10, thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Happy to help with your data model and formulas, but we'll need more information.

Could you share more about how your screens and tables are set up? (Perhaps with screenshots, if there is no sensitive data?) Also, please share what formulas you were entering with the errors and what you're aiming to achieve with the formulas.