Picklist is no longer seeing new tables

We opened a ticket with Amazon support and are posting here to see if this issue is more global than our instance. This issue started yesterday and is still unresolved.

  1. Picklist can see tables made before yesterday.
  2. Picklist cannot see any new tables made since yesterday
  3. We have logged in/out of Honeycode several times

We are also facing issues with picklist performance and intermittent issues

Hi @NoCodeEnterprise and @San, thank you for bringing this to our attention (we received your issue reports as well). I've notified engineering, and they are currently investigating the issue.

Thankyou for posting this @San Thanks @Alyssa The most helpful info at this point would be knowing the likely ETA on resolving this, so we can plan around it. Is it a few hours or more than 24 hours?

@San, could you submit an issue report as well, if your team has not done so already?

@NoCodeEnterprise are you seeing this with only the paritcular workbook or others as well? If you're seeing this issue with any other workbooks, please submit an issue report for them as well, so we can investigate the logs.

@NoCodeEnterprise , our team has reached out to you privately with findings and guidance. :honey_pot: