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I have an ID field that is a picklist from another table. Although users can select it on the data entry form - the ID # is not being recorded on my table. How can I fix this?

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Happy to help! We'll just need a bit more info. Could you provide more details around how your button automation and tables are set up? You can provide screenshots as well, but please do not include personal information in them.

Here's the info about the field


here's the data properties:

@Scho-3f12 , can you provide a screenshot of the automation on the button that writes to the table? And specify what is not writing correctly / if there is an error?

I used this same format last year and it worked with no automation. You select a number from the picklist dropdown and it records it in the SID1 field.

I have the same setup on another form and the # selected records in the table.

Is there something else that I have to do?

Got it, thanks for those details, @Scho-3f12 :honeybee:

Sounds like it was a data cell with a shared source (these update the table immediately when the value is changed in the app). To set up the shared source, click on the "Data" tab in the properties and specify the column in that particular row you want to pull from:

You also need to ensure that the block containing the field is pointing to a row. For example, if you created a details screen with the wizard, the block's source would be =$[InputRow]

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