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Hi Community. I'm a new starter to Honeycode. I'm trying to create a pricing tool by Honeycode.

Now I have two questions.

The picklist is from two tables (sorry the community only allows me to upload one picture...)

The output I want here is for example: When I pick Cpap w/nasal &cs, and Aetna, it can pull out 802.82 automatically.

And I'd also like to know can I set up my own formula?

(I'm so welcome if there someone can be my tutor....)

Thank you so much!

These are two tables to create my picklist


This is what I want finally.

Please let me know if anyone can help..

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Hi @Juice, welcome to Honeycode and the Community! I'm happy to try to help you here. I would suggest that you take a different approach to your table set up. Specifically, try going with a many-to-many design. I'll walk you through the steps below:

  1. Three tables:

1a. Insurers table:

1b. Items table

1c. Allowance table where you reference both the Insurers and Items tables using picklist column format and then associate a $ amount with each.

  1. In builder, fist picklist/dropdown:

  2. Similar for second picklist/dropdown:

  3. Now, to pull the right allowance amount, using this expression: =IFERROR(FINDROW(Allowance,"Allowance[Insurance]=% AND Allowance[Item]=%",$[Picklist_Item],$[Picklist_Insurance])[Allowed],"$0")

  4. For the formula box, I don't quite understand yet where you would pull the allowance remaining from, but assuming the allowance amount is from the table and copay is from the provided input field, you could do something like this: =($[Allowance_Amount]-$[Allowance_Remaining]*$[Copay])

And here it is in action:

I may have gotten some of the terms/labels/formula of your use case incorrect but hopefully you get the gist of this. Let us know how it goes and if you need additional help!


Thank you so much, AJ!!!!
You're the best.

I have another question that I insert a column list:

But it's too big, kind of occupying the whole page. Do you think there's any way to create a folding click after the 'Employer Search' title?

Thank you!

Hi @Juice, thank you for kind comments; happy to help. For your folding click idea, check out the video in here: Explorer Series Video: Screen Tips via Visibility.

Your visibility setting would be at the list level (instead of the block level in the example).

Let us know if you get stuck.

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Perfectly resolve!

One more question.

I add a table called 'self-funded companies' table

I'd like to add an input box, when I enter for example "apple", it can automatically go to 'self-funded companies' table to fuzzy matching and pull out 'it is self-funded company' or not.

Do you think Honey code can achieve this?

Thank you so much!

@aj @Taylor

I upgraded my honey code on Monday. Yeah~ will start the journey with you guys

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Happy to hear you've deepened your experience in Honeycode, @Juice! Let us know how we can provide support along your builder journey :honeybee:

Hi @Juice, we do not support fuzzy matching based on input fields today. I'll take note of this though for our product team to evaluate for the future.

In the meantime, depending on the specifics, you could potentially accomplish something similar by using a picklist. For example:

The picklist would simply be the table where your companies are stored. And here's the address/city/state expression in builder:

@aj Thank you!!

Picklist works!! And it looks like this:

For the box below the image "Edit Value". I actually want to add an "if" index that if the companies are not in the picklist, then shows"not self funded company"; if it's in the picklist, shows "SleepCO"

However. Seems like something wrong with my formula; I'm not very sure how to express $[self-funded output]=null ...

Does it makes sense to you?

Hey @Juice, could you elaborate a bit more of what you are trying to accomplish with that new input field? E.g. Sounds as if you want an app user to be able to type in a company name. And if that company name is not in the picklist (which is basically the self-funded companies table), then show a "not self funded company" message. But if it is, then display "SleepCO". Is that correct? If so, where would you want these messages displayed? Also, keep in mind that if you use an input field, the user would have to type the company name exactly as it was in the table, since Honeycode does not support fuzzy matching.

Looking forward to your response.