Picklist Visibility Settings

I'm trying to create a sort of warning message within my app. I have a datacell-picklist called "Type" that is editable, uses a shared source, and allows app users to pick from several available options:

  • mobile phone
  • laptop
  • desktop

I want to be able to display a warning message when users select desktop. I'm attempting to do this by creating a content box next to my datacell-picklist and setting the visibility settings to =$[type]="desktop".

But this does not seem to be working. Has anyone else tried to create something similar?

Make your data cell a variable instead of shared source. If it’s not a variable then the value of the cell never changes, as far as HC is concerned.

Then in visibility, change your formula to something like

=findrow(type, type[name]=%, “desktop”)

Change the above to match your table and column names.

Because the pick list variable is returning a row link, and not just a text string, you’ll need to compare against a row link returned by this findrow function.


having the data cell set to shared source was my issue.

I then set my content box visibility to $[type]="desktop" and that did the trick.

Since I'm not actually interested in the information in the table but what the app user is selecting while they're filling out the form.

Thanks for your help!

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