Picklist Wizard fan but

I have found using the wizard to create a picklist to be easier and a better way to go than doing it on my own, except that the default behavior is not to sort the pull down menu as discussed in Order/sort Drop Down
Did I miss something, or does the wizard allow for making the source a sorted filter rather than just the table values? The former better handles future changes to the picklist source table.

Hello Dennis,

Please see below Pic:

Thanks San. I found that out from the post I cited. Now that I have had time to look closer, my question should have been about the default being Table and not Filter. My mentioning a wizard was not relevant since that is more related to table building and not app building. Regardless, your suggestion and the post at Order/sort Drop Down were both helpful and addressed the problem of not being able to re-sort a table when a row is added, which is particularly troublesome when the table is used in a picklist. Thanks again.