Planned Roadmap for Honeycode Features

Is there a roadmap for planned or upcoming features for Honeycode? I have created a few simple apps with Honeycode, and I am interesting in using the platform to create more advanced apps. However, I have run into several limitations (especially since the new builder was introduced) that have me wondering what future enhancements will be implemented. I'm considering developing some online learning courses for Honeycode, but I'm concerned that I may be wasting my time if there isn't much interest in providing new features.

Hi @rtdewi0,

Thank you for your post!

We currently don't have a public roadmap to share. However, if you are experiencing any issues, you can report them within the product and we would be happy to assist.

If your continually experiencing limitations with Honeycode, we would be happy to get on a call to discuss your use case further and explore possible solutions.

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