Platform Outages, Maintenance or Upgrade notifications to all users

Currently, There is no good way to inform users, if Honeycode platform is going through maintenance, upgrades or Outages.

Notifying users via Omni channel ( email, app, text n whatever) will benefit users.

Thanks San

Hi @San,

Thanks for this post! It's a good topic to touch on :hammer_and_wrench:

If Honeycode were down, you would see an in-app banner message both in the web and mobile versions of Honeycode that would communicate details around the event. If necessary, we may also post communications here on the forum.

We appreciate your feedback too of what other channels may be helpful to see these types of updates. I've passed your note along to the team to see how else we could improve sharing Honeycode health statuses.

Let us know if you have any other thoughts on this :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Sure will do, for now I am good thanks again!

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