Please help me to correct this Function

I want to set customer_id variable for next screen after adding new customer on one screen.
I can't find the error out in this function.
chrome-capture (18)

Could you guys help me with this, please?

This is what I see...

So, you’re comparing the current value of $[customer name content] to the rows in the customers table, looking for the last row whose [customer name] column matches the value in $[customer name content].

Then, in that matching row in the customers table, look for the value in the [customer id] column, and wrote that to the $[customerid]

I would check the tables to make sure things are all organized correctly.

Also check the names of the data cells to make sure there are no spelling issues, or if I forgot to name one of them and it’s still Data Cell 1.

The second argument of the FINDLASTROW function should not start with the = symbol.