Pricing & Billing FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Amazon Honeycode plans, prices, and billing.

How much does it cost to use Honeycode?

Amazon Honeycode is free for teams with up to 20 users and includes 2,500 rows per workbook. You can upgrade to a paid plan when you need additional capacity.

What is a team?

Teams can create and share workbooks, and build and share apps with other team members. Learn more about Honeycode Teams.

How do I create a team?

When you sign up for an Amazon Honeycode account, a team is automatically created for you. You are the team admin, and you can invite others to join your team.

You are not currently able to create multiple teams, but you may join as many teams as you like.

What are the pricing tiers?

When you sign up, your team is created on the Basic plan. Up to 20 people can be added to teams on the Basic plan for free. If more than 20 people are required, you can upgrade to a Plus or Pro plan.

Honeycode Plus and Pro plans include additional data capacity as well as access to Honeycode APIs, AWS developer tools, and Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities. For more details, visit our Honeycode Admin Guide in AWS Documentation.

What are the row limits for each plan?

Plan Rows Workbooks
Basic 2,500 rows/workbook Unlimited
Plus 10,000 rows/workbook Unlimited
Pro 100,000 rows/workbook Unlimited

How do I upgrade my plan?

To upgrade, your Honeycode team must be connected to an AWS account. The AWS account is used to provide payment information for paid Plus and Pro plans. Only Honeycode team admins can upgrade the team to a paid plan. See how to upgrade.

How do I pay for a Plus or Pro plan?

You can pay with a credit card. To do so, you must create (unless you already have) an AWS account and then link it to your Honeycode team. You will enter your credit card information when you sign up for the AWS account.

Does the Pro or Plus plan require a commitment?

You can cancel your Pro or Plus plan at any time. When you cancel your plan, you will only be billed for the prorated amount of that month's bill.

What happens if I downgrade my plan?

You can downgrade your plan if the number of users in your team is within the plan’s limits. If you downgrade from a plan which has higher row capacity, then any workbooks that exceed the new plan's row limit will become read-only.

Accounts with Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled are not eligible to downgrade to the Basic plan.