Pricing model

I find it really very expensive to charge the service based on the number of team members. Beyond 20 members you guys will be charging an extra 9.99 dollars for each extra members. I can understand you charge for the editor and creator type of users (owner) but it does not make sense to charge users who are actually using the apps (those users can only update data but can't modify the workbook itself ). This can end up costing a lot of money more than the competitions. Check Pricing | Bubble, very clear and affordable pricing.


Hi @ahme-871c I am fully aligned with your remark. @Taylor it would be great if the pricing model can distinguish the creator versus the simple user (likewise AWS Quicksight). It will enable to promote the honeycode apps to a wider audience with a low cost.

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Hello, and welcome to the community @anon74419847! Thank you to you and @Joel-1ada for sharing your feedback on pricing. These are definitely fair suggestions considering the different types of Honeycode users: builders, users, contributors, viewers, etc.

I've passed along your feedback to the Product team for consideration. Please continue to let us know how we can improve your experience with Honeycode :honeybee:

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