Problems con "dynamic" Filter using variables

I have created a screen2 with a column list (of processes), where I use FILTER. It has been made thinking for reuse, in that if it is invoked by another screen, a variable or "parameter" is passed to it.
The source in the column list is:
= filter (SCI_Subprocess, "$ [v_sample_all] OR SCI_Subprocess [Subprocess] = $ [v_record_called]")
By default the variable $ [v_sample_all] (as a SHOW_ALL flag) is TRUE, and therefore it shows in the column list all the records of the SCI_Subprocess table. This happens when this screen is the first executed screen of the application.
But when this screen2 is invoked by another screen (screen1), this screen1 passes the mentioned variables to it with:
v_sample_all = FALSE and v_record_called equal to the subprocess. This works fine when the screen1 is passed as constant eg v_registro_invocado = 'Retenciones'. It works perfectly bringing only the searched record.
But in another case (this is where I have the problem), a screen0 that contains a column list and where one of the columns is a thread (when clicking on that column) invokes Screen2, but in this case it does not return any record.
Configuration Screen2 in column list:

Here how screen1 call to screen 2, with fixed value "Retenciones"

this happens: (works ok)

But from Screen0:

And doesn't work:

I don't understand why?... @Alyssa @Pankaj
Thanks for all....

Hi @Javi-1285,

I appreciate you reaching out. Based on what I understand, you have three screens

On Screen1, you are running "= filter (SCI_Subprocess, "$ [v_sample_all] OR SCI_Subprocess [Subprocess] = $ [v_record_called]") as source.

Furthermore, I am not sure what your filter expression is for screens 0 and 2.

On screens 0 and 2, there seems to be some issue with the filter expression. I would appreciate if you could provide the filter expressions for those two screens.

Hi @Pankaj Thanks for answer.
Screen2 is called, here the filter is the named.
The filter in screen 0 is not important, I take the variable column list to search the same. I know it is the same value ("Retenciones"), but call to screen2 for search, show "not found".

Hi @Javi-1285,

Thank you for the screenshot. It looks like you've got a pretty good use case going on at your end. I'm curious to know more about your usage scenario. I'll contact you via email to schedule a call with you.

HI @Pankaj , thanks all.
I'm going to wait your communication.


Dear @Pankaj

I answered to your email. May be on Monday 30 (10am in your location)


Hi @Pankaj
I can solved the problem. Following a case before with @Alyssa ( in that case was with formula in tables) , the field in Screen0 is a rowlink!!!. The value correct is Thisrow()[Subprocess][Subprocess] y now it's work fine.
Before I put Thisrow()[Subprocess] and this column is a rowlink.
Then we will cancel the call on Monday.
Thanks you very much!!


Hi @Javi-1285,

Glad to hear that you are able to resolve the issue and its working fine.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further question.

Thanks very much @Pankaj !!!