Productivity App Contest!

Hi Honeycoders! :smiley: :honey_pot:

Have you created an app in Honeycode that has saved you time in your day? Or that has boosted your productivity?

We’d love to see what you’re building!

Each participant on this thread during March will receive this special forum badge in early April!
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What to share:

  • Show us an app you’ve built that has saved you time in your day-to-day.
  • Or share an idea for an app that could help improve productivity!

Need help building? Feel free to ask us questions here.



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I have created a Sales CRM app to manage all my sales team interaction with customers, win probability, outcome, etc.

It is simple and easy to use for a team size of less than 10 or even 20.

How can I share the app so that you can review if I can get the special edition badge?


Awesome, @Roland_c ! :smiley: :honeybee:

You've already earned the badge by sharing a bit about your app here, but feel free to expand on it more on this thread. :slight_smile:

Perhaps show or describe how the app works, how it has improved your team's productivity, or anything else you'd like to highlight. It may give some inspiration to others building similar apps!

I have created an Interpreter Scheduling tool that enables my team to easily input job data, approve requests, and assign student interpreters at a local community college. We previously used Google Sheets to accomplish this, which was not as accessible for my colleague to use. Since Honeycode is easier for my colleague to use we have been able to improve our productivity and customer response time.

Would love to see the ability to embed our form to our Google website so that our customers can have a self serve option when requesting to work with our students.

Thank you HoneyCode!


Very cool, @DannyHoney! Great use case, and happy to hear that it has improved productivity for your team and students. :star2:

And noted, I'll pass on your feedback as a feature request to our team. We've had similar requests around how Honeycode apps can be shared and accessed, so I'll include how your suggestion could help out your community college.

Thanks for sharing, and let us know if you think of anything else that would make Honeycode more helpful to you! :honey_pot:

What an encouraging use case, @DannyHoney! It's fun to hear about Honeycode being used more in education. Our of curiosity, was there a particular reason your team members were unable to access Google Sheets?

Bouncing off of Alyssa's reply, let us know how we can help :honeybee:

Hi Taylor,

My colleague has a hard time with spreadsheets due to a learning disorder. With Honeycode I am able to take care of any back end needs (the spreadsheet like interface and designing the app) while my colleague makes use of the actual app.


Hi @DannyHoney, thank you for expanding on this. It's touching to hear how Honeycode is allowing you to better collaborate with your colleague. It's also helpful for us to understand how Honeycode does or does not meet needs for our customers. Especially, as we're focused on improving the experience.

If you should need any assistance or have questions, we're here to help :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Hi, I have built an Honeycode app to create and manage DIY "Do It Yourself" activities for kids. My Honeycode app empowers everyone to propose a DIY activities and even to synchronize with Alexa!

This project enables to create easily activities to be available through different channels: mobile, website and Alexa.


Hi, I am currently working on a new Honeycode project to provide earthquake alerts and information using data leveraging AppFlow integration. This Honeycode app will provide easily information and alerts to everyone. I will be able to share more information soon :slight_smile:


@Joel-1ada, thanks for sharing a glimpse into your latest app! We can't wait to learn more about it :honeybee:

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Hey @Alyssa !

Good question! The app i had created took over an elaborately designed Excel spreadsheet with inbuilt formulas which required the input of measurements from a car and calculated results that would tell us about certain figures like position of the roll center, roll axis, as well as other key parameters like ARB spring rate. All of which would allow us to make the necessary adjustments to the car.

Typically my colleagues would have to take a measurement and key it into a PC or tablet at one end of the car. However, now, with the increased portability and platform reach (apple, android, pc), they would be walking around with the mobile phone. This is a plus and minus LOL Honeycoding our datasheet has essentially halved our measurement time from 45mins to 20mins. As well as reduced other readings taking processes (of which we do 8 thereabouts) from 8mins to essentially 3mins. Awesome savings of 1 hr 5 mins thereabouts!

Customers started asking us "Is the specialist sure of what he's doing? He seems to be looking at the phone an awful lot". I had to explain that we had built an in-house application to help us move forward with the times. Everything is recorded digitally on cloud, with complex calculation results being taken care of by the application." To which , their response would be a loud "OH", followed by a hearty laugh. A sigh of relief for me. lol


Hi @karbonphyber,

How funny, I'm glad customers understand once you explain the mobile app that your specialists are using! :grin:

Thanks for sharing how Honeycode has saved time for your team! We love hearing how it increased your efficiency and mobility in the field. Since your team is using the mobile version often, let us know if any feedback comes to mind that may improve the Honeycode mobile experience. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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We are a small IT company and a corporate sales partner for some brands (ASUS / Lexmark ...). Our sales team visit official institutions. There is a list of products that we sell in Excel. Costs, selling prices, some taxes etc., how much profit or loss is calculated on the excel sheet. According to the result, the offer is accepted or rejected.

These transactions are now mobile on Honeycode. Thanks.

Since the program language is Turkish, you may not be able to understand it.


Thanks for sharing, @Ayhan! I like how you've designed the screens--fresh and intuitive. Are you using Honeycode exclusively with this process or a mix of Honeycode and spreadsheets?

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Although it has some shortcomings, we want to use Honeycode for both this process and other needs. But still, spreedsheets will be in our lives.


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Thanks to everyone that shared their productivity apps on this thread! We loved seeing your ideas. :smiley: :bulb:

@Roland_c , @DannyHoney , @Joel-1ada , @karbonphyber , and @Ayhan ,

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