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Hi, I created an app for my college called the West Point Book Exchange. I'm trying to deploy the app so that potentially all 4,000 students can input previous semester books to exchange within the school community. How do I allow public access to the app?


I agree the ability to create public access to apps via a url would be extremely helpful (similar to google script).

Just to put my two cents in, I think because it is an AWS service, and typically AWS services charge by transaction, this might get really expensive. If your school probably stores registered students in a database or LDAP Group on a school server, controlling who can have access to certain sites already. Maybe you can see if integration their LDAP Group with your user list

Hi @Taylor! I m in ove with this app and all the functions! But, i have a question, its really impossible to develop an app B2C here? Thanks anyway for the platform!

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Hi folks, and welcome to our community @Juan-b9e8, @Gurm-b5cb, @Abacus, and @Anto-3b64! Great discussion on sharing apps publicly. Currently, you can share by adding individuals to a team. Once they're in the team (as an admin or a member), then you can share the app with them. It's not possible to share with other individuals outside of the team, such as with the public. Please see our two articles for more information Sharing Workbooks & Apps and How to View & Share an App.

I'll include your feedback in a feature request for our Product team to consider. Please continue to let us know how we can improve Honeycode!


Hi @Taylor - to add to this, it would be really helpful if we could create a web form that people could go to in order to enter data. Maybe this is too similar to what Team functionality brings.. In my case, we are using this to keep track of guests at a restaurant so we are currently having a host check them in on her app. What would be ideal is if we could point those guests to a website to check themselves in - even if this came with the paid version, it'd be very helpful.


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Hi @Jared, thank you for joining the conversation! Honeycode does support data fields to be filled out via the web; however, it does not support sharing apps with folks outside of a team. I'll be sure to include your feedback on our internal request for the team to review :honeybee:

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