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Hi! One question, once you have your Application, How can I put it into Google Play Store? Thanks!

Hi @Dani-c51b! It's currently not possible to share an application outside of those who join your team.

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Hello and welcome to the community, @Dani-c51b! @Isaiah is correct, currently, you're only able to share Workbooks and Apps with Team members, and not publicly. You can review our Sharing Workbooks & Apps for more information.

This has been a top request from our community, and I've added your feedback on the existing feature request :honeybee:

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Thx a lot, so actually we can use HoneyCode right now to build, lets say, MVPs, right? In that case you know when can a next version could cover that? Thx again! :wink:

Hi @Dani-c51b, I'm not sure I understand. You can definitely build apps for MVPs if you choose, depending on how you set it up. Let me know if you have a different need or question I can help you with though :smiley:

Oh I see. So it's only like a prototyping ambient let's say, is that correct?

Thx, I get it, that makes sense.
One more thing, If at some point I need to create some special feature outside your Platform, Can I download the Code from Honeycode and go by my own?
Thank you!

Honeycode can be used to create a prototype, but it can also be used to build applications for internal use by a group of people, e.g., a business or non-profit. For example, I am using Honeycode to track employee hours and client payments for my small business.

If you wanted to move your application off of Honeycode at some point, there is no push-button export functionality to obtain all your application logic.

Hi @Dani-c51b & @Isaiah,

As @Isaiah called out accurately, it is not possible to export app/workbook out of Honeycode. Please let us know what your use case is and we can pass that information to the product team. :honeybee:

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