Publish standalone app in android/iOS?

Can we create an app here in Honeycode and then publish it standalone in iOS or Android? Like user can directly download the app without need to download Honeycode?


You can only view your mobile apps in the Honeycode app on iOS and Android at the moment. Learn more about how to get the apps here: Viewing Your Apps.

However, thanks for your suggestion, Rahu-30b7! It's great to know you're using our Mobile apps in Honeycode.


Is publishing the apps in the stores of iOS or Android in your roadmap? When will it be available?


Hi Rucha,

Actually, currently even HoneyCode app is not available in my country, India. Any tentative timeframe when it will be available here?

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It is available in India. I was able to access it via the play store link on their website.

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Android Play Store Link:

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