Push Notifications

  • What’s your feature request? “Push notifications”

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve? “I have a large team of ~100 users who need to acknowledge a fire drill type activity. Team members can configure their availability, and those who are available will receive the notification. Tapping on notification will show a screen for them to acknowledge the details.”

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? “Email notifications are too cluttered and unfocused. We want an app that can give focused & highly visible notifications.”
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Welcome to our community, @Quin-7b37! Thanks for sharing these details around your feature request. I've submitted this information to our Product team to consider. Be sure to let us know how else we can improve your Honeycode experience! :honeybee:

Hi @Quin-7b37, thanks for your feedback! Could you help us understand better what you're looking for when you say "focused and highly visible notifications"? For context, if your users have the Honeycode mobile app installed, they should get mobile push notifications (for any configured notifications). Just want to make sure we fully understand your feedback!

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