Question about users

Hello. I created a little Honeycode app to just see what it can/cannot do easily. It was pretty easy to put together the little app that I planned out. No real problems there.

Now we get to a wider community (and the question). I looked at publishing and how it is done. It looks as though (for now at least) that you can invite 19 additional users (in the free tier). No issues there. But this app would have about 60-80 people using it. Do I read it correctly that they would need to pay $19.99 / month and then $10 / month for 40-50 users for a total of (minimum $520 / month?).

I want to do things by the book, but if that is the pricing structure, I might as well write a small React application and host it on my personal server - it is not anticipated to be a particularly high volume application. Or did I misunderstand the "user" policy?

Marty Sirkin

Hi MartySirkin, thanks for the feedback on pricing! You are correct, the pricing is per user (after 20 users). This approach gives you the ability to build and share an almost unlimited number of apps with the people you want to collaborate with at no extra charge beyond the per user fee.

We appreciate the feedback about your use case, and are investigating how we can enable further use cases with new pricing models in the future.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!! I appreciate the information. As it turns out for this use case (and I only mention it because it may be more the rule than the exception, my wife (who is also a computer scientist, so she understands these issues) let me know that she and only two other people will have access to the app. The other quilters will continue to use the little slips of paper that they have been using. But then one of the three women will enter the information into the little HC app that I put together for them.

Thanks again!

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