Question regarding $[InputRow]

I have been passing data from page to page using the InputRow variable and detail pages for a while, and I left my page for a while and suddenly the data is written to the InputRow variable on the detail page, but it isn't matching up with the data in the table and the whole detail page stops working, with no input from myself. Is this a common bug, and what can I do to prevent my detail pages from failing?

Hi @Coll-ad2f :honeybee:

We're happy to help, we'll just need more information; Could you share more about how your screen is set up and what fields are not displaying data as expected?

If you feel that the behavior you are seeing is a bug, please submit an issue report to us by clicking on the Help icon in Honeycode > "Report an issue." In the report, provide as much detail as possible and any relevant screenshots.

Yes, of course I can explain further. If I use a column list to add a detail screen to an already existing detail screen, essentially creating layers of detail screens for the user to click through, sometimes the whole chain I have created will stop registering the row that I click on, resulting in a screen like the one below, where I have a party called Vice, and Vice is being sent to input row, but I have to click on the pull down and hit vice again to have the information associated with it appear on the detail page. Is that clear enough or is there anything else you want to see?

Hi @Coll-ad2f :honeybee:

Could you share the automation in which the row is being passed into this screen and also how the fields are set up on this screen (in Builder, you can share the properties of sample fields on the screen)?

That would help us see if we can reproduce the behavior.

Yeah I didn't do anything to the automation as you can see from the screenshot, but I am pretty sure building detail pages within detail pages produced it, this is all from automatically generated lists and detail pages created by the honeycode column list creator

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Got it, thanks for that info, @Coll-ad2f -

I've set up a similar app with the app wizard and it is working as expected (details of the passed in row populating the details screen).

Could you send this to us in an issue report? This includes logs that help us better see what may be going on. Re-create the issue and after you see it, click on the Help icon in Honeycode > "Report an issue." Provide as much detail as possible of what you're experiencing there, and our team will take a look.

Also, are you seeing this only with this particular app? Or others as well?

It has happened multiple times with the same app, and I have rebuilt the page structure the exact same as the erroring page and it has worked. Because this issue is time related and I have been working on the same app after like a week or two of demos, I have not had this occur with other apps.