RAND() bug does not allow UUID / GUID creation

I’m building an app for GDPR consent management (pilot project). Some columns need to be provisioned automatically by a UUID that is based on 31 random numbers every time a new row is created. Today, each cell computes the RAND() function only once ! Iow, it returns the same random number all the way. e.g. 22222222-22224222-2222-222222222222

A second effect: every time a new row is added, all the rows are being recalculated with a new GUID, which is not intended, only the last added should be calculated.

My proposition is to create a build-in function for GUID creation, which is only calculated in the newly added row.

I used the following column formula :


Hi @FlyingZebra, welcome to the community and thanks for your request. Agreed that the behaviors you've described, repeating random number all the way down and recalculations, do not seem to be normal / expected. Could you please submit an issue report in Builder with this description? That will help us report it to our engineering team. Thanks!

Thx mate, but how do I report on the fact that the 'report and issue' function is failing ? :slight_smile: However hard I try, I get a pop-up message saying: "Something went wrong. Please try reporting your issue again."

Hi @FlyingZebra,

Confirming here that we've received your issue reports, and our team is taking a deeper look. Thank you for submitting those!

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