RANK() Function - Unintended Results and Clarification

Hi I have the following set-up:


Per the screenshot above, the Order # Column includes the output for the function. In short, I used the rank function to rank the dates from earliest to latest.

For some reason, I am getting unintended results. Instead of getting consecutive rankings [ex: 1,2,3,4,5...], I am getting [1,3,5,8].

Perhaps I set-up the function incorrectly. In excel I set-up the function the same way and got intended results.

Please advise.

Hi @cmtoolbelt,

Thanks for reaching out.

I tried the same scenario at my end and ended up with non consecutive rank. I also tried the same thing in excel. Looks like in excel RANK function is giving me same results as Honeycode table(does not have consecutive numbers). Below is the screen shot.


I am curious if you are using any other operation in excel to achieve the intended results?