[READ ME] How to Submit Feature Requests & Feedback

Feature Requests & Feedback:
We’re getting a lot of great feedback and suggestions from all of you. We're listening to every one of you. However, to help us prioritize and make decisions around requests, we’ll need a little more information. To help with this process, please use the following format when sharing your suggestions so we have deeper insight into your feature request:

  • What’s your feature request? Example, “Export app data to PDF” (you can use this as the Topic title)
  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve? Example, “I’m building a project status tracking app for my team of six. I’d like to export views of my web app into a PDF on a weekly basis so I can send it out to external stakeholders.”
  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? Example, “Since I can’t export into a PDF, I don’t have the option to share information in a clean way to my stakeholders. I have to copy and paste information in various tables, which isn’t convenient.”

Before sharing your suggestion, do a quick search to see if someone has already posted the same request. If you do find an active Topic or thread, there are two different actions you can take:

  • Heart “Like” Icon: Use this heart icon when you agree with the poster and couldn’t have said it better. Please also avoid using “+1” as per our Community Guidelines.
  • Comment: If you agree with the poster, but have a different use case, comment on the thread and provide these additional details around your experience.

Thank you for contributing to the conversation!


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