Refreshing app view on new data or data change

Hello, I'm building a delivery management app where a dispatcher receives orders for delivery and then assigns tasks to different couriers.

I've created one app for the dispatcher, which displays all of the orders, and a second app for couriers, which will display orders assigned to them.

On the dispatch app, a contact field is used to perform the assignment, and on the courier app, the data is personalized based on this contact.

Now I would like the courier to get updated whenever they are assigned a task. Right now when I assign a task to a courier, there's no indication that a task has been assigned, and the courier view doesn't update either.

How can I accomplish this?

Hi @Mxl-b03b you can try to create an automation with the action "update screen" (see below). It can refresh the page and update the data. Hope it helps you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. I was looking at the documentation for "update current screen" and my understanding is that it only runs when an action occurs on the user's app (such as clicking a button), as opposed to changes to the table.

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Yes! That's a good point. Indeed to trigger an automation, it implies an action.

Hi @Mxl-b03b, sounds like an interesting use case you have. How's it coming along? Anything we can help with?