Release Notes - February, 2021

Hi Honeycoders,

We're looking forward to spring here at Honeycode while our busy bees continue to build out the hive. We're excited to announce that some much asked-for features are now available in Honeycode.

To begin, radio buttons! Yes, that's right. And, we've launched checkboxes and switches! We know these are huge! Read on to see all the buzz!

What’s New

:radio_button: Add radio buttons

Radio buttons are a great way to provide simple options for your app users to select. They typically appear in groups of at least two and have labels that indicate what each option represents. We’ve made it easy in Honeycode to build these into your apps, so users can select with a simple click or tap.

@Dan helps you set these up with either shared or variable data in our new article, Add Radio Buttons.

:ballot_box_with_check: Incorporate checkboxes and switches

Honeycode now offers two types of toggles you can easily add to your app:

  • Checkboxes
  • Switches

Toggles usually let app users select between two choices - Yes or No; On or Off. You can add your own labels to clarify what the selection means for your use case.

Our new article helps you add toggles: checkboxes and switches to your app.

We hope you like using the new features. Happy building!

The Honeycode Team

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loving the release of the checkbox!! HoneyCodes helped me convert a fair number of fields from TRUE/FALSE to checkboxes so easily