Release Notes - October 5

Styling tools, biometric sign-in, sharing & more

We’ve been busy working to improve the Amazon Honeycode experience so teams can build faster and focus more time on GSD (getting stuff done):wink:.


:art: Corner & border styling tools

You asked—and we listened. Now you can add sleek, rounded corners to buttons, content boxes, blocks and segments. With the click of a button create colorful borders that not only look good, they can make your app content easier for your users to find and navigate.

Options for styling include color, location, thickness, and corner radius. Head on over to the Builder to try it out, or check out Design Tips and Styling Basics for more details.

:point_up_2: Biometric sign-in

Sign in to Amazon Honeycode mobile quickly and securely using biometric authorization.

  • Touch ID and Face ID are fully supported for iOS devices
  • For the initial release, face and fingerprint authentication are supported only or Android devices made by Google and Samsung

Take advantage of new Amazon Honeycode features immediately by updating your Honeycode mobile app to the latest version (v1.2.0 for both iOS & Android).


:link: More ways to share

Whether you’re previewing your app on desktop or taking it for a spin, you can now share directly from your web app.

You can find more details in Sharing Workbooks & Apps and View & Share an App.

:muscle: Applied formats for stronger data models

Too often a mismatch in data formats can lead to errors. Now, whenever you select a format, Honeycode will automatically apply it to the entire column, ensuring the integrity of your data.

In addition, Honeycode will flag any cells where there’s a mismatch between formats or a formula conflict, making it easier to find and correct formatting issues.

Check out the article Formula Syntax for more information about formats.

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Thanks for adding border styles! It'll help while customizing my app.


Steve Jobs and Rounded Rectangles: