Remove parentheses surrounding data cell value

I have several data cells that display data from a table. However, all of the values have a parentheses around the value - how can I just display the value sans parentheses. Parentheses often indicate a negative number, which is what I want to prevent people thinking.

@Allen, how are they stored in the underlying tables? With parentheses? Negatives?

I've done both accounting and currency as format types. All of them are positive numbers.

@Allen, this is very strange as I am not able to replicate the issue. Any chance you are seeing any difference in what you've configured with what's displayed below?

Perhaps double check the data cells in the respective content boxes on the screen. Also try whipping up a second screen, app or even workbook to see if you experience the same results.


As of now, I'm not using a list - just a hardcoded reference to a cell. My plan is to migrate to a list/formula approach as hardcoded cell references are a bad practice, so that's where I'm having the issue. Screenshot of the data cell property below.

That said, I'd much prefer to move to a list type format without hardcoded formulas, I just haven't figured out how yet. Essentially looking for subtotaling capability. I have table that has 100 rows of various opportunities. Each opportunity is assigned to one of 10 or so statuses. I'd like the screen list to list each status once, and then in the second column list a count of opportunities assigned that status, the third column a SUM of the value of each opportunity in that status, and a fourth column a SUM of the weight value column for each opportunity in that status.

Hey @Allen I was going through some of the older posts and have just noticed that you never got a reply. Were you able to figure this out and if so, I'd love to know how :slight_smile:

No, still have the parentheses for some reason.

Hi @Allen,

Thanks for your quick reply -

We were looking into this and the data cells with the values are displaying correctly, and the additional parentheses are in the content box. (In your screenshot, you can see that only the value is in the data cell and the parentheses are not included).

This means that you can simply delete the parentheses around the values in the content box, and in the app, the values will display as desired without the parentheses.

Hope this helps. :honeybee:


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