Renaming apps

How do we rename our apps once created from a template?

Found it, have to open up the hidden panels where you select assets in the builder.


Upvote on the solution, but also want to ask, why can't we have "Rename" like for workbook in HomeDrive?

Welcome to our community, @Mr.Curiosity! Are you referring to the ability of double-clicking the text to rename?

Hi Taylor! I'm referring to, in the homepage, when you right-click or click on the ... on the app, it would show the "rename" option. Now it only shows "eidt" and "share". I mean, like clicking on the workbook and you can rename it there would be great.

Hi @Mr.Curiosity! I don't believe that feature changed. You can see I have the option to rename a Workbook by right-clicking on the ... from My Drive:


Here's from within the Workbook:


Are you able to share a screenshot without personal information so I can view what you're seeing?

@Taylor I think you misunderstood me. What I mean is

Exactly, why the app cannot be renamed in the drive like workbook you posted above?

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Thank you for including a screenshot, @Mr.Curiosity. Yes, having the ability to rename an App within My Drive would make this process easier. I'll file a feature request to the team for consideration. Please continue to share your suggestions with us!

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