Rerun App Wizard?

The App Wizard helps me quickly build apps but I don't succeed to customize apps within it.

Lets's say I add a new table and that I want to add new screens with data from this table.
Do I miss something or is it possible to run the app wizard just once? I don't succeed to rerun the app wizard within an app.

Hi @anon35519542, thanks for building with Honeycode!

Currently, app wizards can only be run to create a new app. However, I've passed along your feedback to the Product team.

That said, there may be another way to address your question. If I understand correctly, you want to add screens that display data from another table to an app that you already have. In these situations, you can:

  1. Add a new screen
  2. On the new screen, you can add a "Column List" or "Stacked List". These objects let you get a layout as well as data from your new table. You can also select the checkbox to add a detail screen.
  3. If you want to add a form based on your new table, you can then add a "Form" object.

These steps are more granular ways to accomplish what the app wizard does.

Hope this helps!

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