Rest API for external data creation

I am hoping to create data in my Honeycode app data tables from external datasources.
In this instance the external data source would be System on a Chip devices like the Arduino and ESP series micro computers.
That said, using a REST messaging interface means the actual device used to create the message is irrelevant, it just needs to be compatible.

Used in many Internet of Things ( ITT) projects , these microcomputers are themselves wireless enabled so can connectg to the internet, and already support REST messaging , creating data on existing systems such as Losant, InitialState, ITTT ( If This Then That ) and myriads more including Google Sheets.

To be able to create ITT data on Honeycode would really open the possibilities for creating world beating leading edge apps.


Hi @Grabs, thanks for your request!

I'll pass this along to our team.

Thanks too for providing more around how this would be helpful for Internet of Things projects. I agree in that it could open up a new realm of possibilities for using of Honeycode. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you think of anything else that you would like to see in Honeycode. :honeybee:

Hello @Grabs, thank you for your ideas around IoT. I just wanted to check in to verify that you have explored our API. Depending on the specifics of your use case, they may help.

Also, if you wouldn't mind, please drop a few lines in this topic describing your use case specifics. We're monitoring that one closely.


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Thanks @aj

I will be digging into your API documentation over the next few days - I can see there is a lot there to chew over so may take me a while !

What I havnt seen yet , is a URL endpoint and access key for the HTTP connections

Most data collection services ( Losant , InitialState, IFTT etc ) provide these to enable a connection to be made to the service.
Typically after a connection is made ok , the IoT device sends JSON formated data ( i.e. text strings compatible with the remote API being called to transmit the data. All standard stuff.

Also I need to understand what upgrading to a plus or pro Honeycode account entails - it seems the API is only available for these account types? I am a lonehand hobbyist working for volunteer orgs , so cost is a consideration.

I have just thought , are the URL and accesskey provided by these other account types?


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Hi @Grabs, just wanted to follow up on this; yes in order to access the API today you will need to be on at least the Plus plan. Basically what you'll do is connect your Honeycode account with an AWS account, where is where the billing will take place. You've likely already come across this related link, but just in case: Connecting Honeycode to an AWS Account

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Hi @Grabs I know it's been a while since this post, but wanted to bring to your attention to integrations with Zapier, Amazon AppFlow and web-hook based integrations we announced this week, allowing you to connect your existing workflows and data sources with your Honeycode apps, plus new Honeycode APIs. Check out Release Notes - December 2, 2020 for more details.