I was wondering if there was any plan to expose the Honeycode data via a REST or GraphQL API?

Honeycode allows you to model and store data as well as building interfaces to interact with it. That being said, there are other tools in a company's arsenals that may require accessing this data and that are not necessarily web-based. Having such APIs would allow any custom tools to be built on top of the Honeycode "backend".

You do provide a Python API to access Honeycode so obviously it would be theoretically possible for a consumer to come up with his own implementation of a GraphQL server. I am just wondering if I am misunderstanding how the product is meant to be used since from my perspective this is a bit of a missing bridge in the service.

Hi @douglaslassance welcome to the forum and thanks for the question! While we don't have any GraphQL APIs, we do have APIs that can be used to do operations on tables and on apps. You can read more about them here: Getting Started with Honeycode APIs . Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

Yeah, I started to look into this. The stack required to be installed on a client to connect to the data is quite heavy. Are you guys contemplating something a little more portable and light for data access such as REST or GraphQL API?

Hi @douglaslassance Honeycode APIs are RESTFul, and you can call them using simple HTTP request, if you prefer. For instance, you can call QueryTableRows using the format show in this page. The endpoint for Honeycode is .

You do need to set up authentication for this to work correctly. Please follow instructions in Authenticating Requests (AWS Signature Version 4) to do so.

I recommend using the AWS SDK though, as it takes care of authentication for you based on the access keys you provide. For example, to call QueryTableRows in a python script, you would use the AWS SDK's boto3 python .

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have follow-up questions.

Thank you for those links. Indeed for a Python client it would make sense to use boto3, but for a JavaScript custom web app, the RESTFul access could be necessary.

Related question, is there any documentation about how to impersonate Honeycode users when making change to the tables via the API? In my case it would be important to know what user added what row.

Thanks again.

Hey @douglaslassance Good point about javascript web app! Have you checked AWS's Javascript SDK? It's Honeycode class has good wrappers if this SDK is suitable for your needs. On impersonation - that's a good question. Unfortunately though, it is not possible to impersonate a user when using our APIs. Have you considered Zapier or AppFlow? When using either of those systems, the user who authorized the zap or flow's identity will carry through to Honeycode.

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