Retain "Style" when adding a New Row


  • When creating a new row, the styling applied to the previous rows is not retained and must re-applied every time a new row is added.

In the screenshot below, the contents of each cell have been centered and the contents of the 2nd column (Delivery Address) have been text wrapped. The new and last row does not share the same styling.

Please fix this.

Hi @cmtoolbelt,

Thanks for your question.

As shown below, if you choose to select the whole column and add a style to selected column, it should retain the setting for any new row added to that column.

Hope this will help, let us know if you need any more help.


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Hi @Pankaj,

Thanks for the reply. I did as you instructed and I am getting the same issue.

See below screenshots:


From the screenshots above, the styling was not retained.

Please advise.

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Hi @cmtoolbelt,

Thanks for reaching out again and helping us identifying this issue. I tried to replicate it again on my end. I ended up replicating it. If I try to style a column with a rowlink, the styling does not retain for new rows.

I am surfacing this issue to the team.