Roadmap available?

Do you plan to have a roadmap available, similar to the one for e. g. containers in AWS? See

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Yes, I'd be particularly interested in knowing if there is a target date for coming out of beta. I assume, since AWS is already collecting fees for some plans, that there is a level of commitment to growing the platform, but I'd be uneasy suggesting this solution to clients before it is out of beta.

Honeycomb hits a sweetspot for a certain niche in rapid app development, and I congratulate the team on its achievements this early on. Do please keep it up.


Hi @anon7373198 and @Stu, love your participation and contributions in the forum. Since going live a few days ago, we have started to receive customer feedback and feature requests. As you can imagine, we are working to understand all the great customer feedback that has come in already. Going forward, we can say that we are focused on improving the product, building integrations (with AWS and external services), and adding capabilities in keeping with our core audience and business use case. Honeycode is here to support the business user to develop and share rich, multi-channel, collaborative experiences quickly. Thank you all for the feedback and feature requests, please keep them coming. Watch our announcements page for updates (


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