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Hi All,

Currently on a Pro Plan with a 100k limit rows. But in my use case I need more than 160k rows to accommodate all of my data. Any news if HoneyCode Team will add more rows per plan or create a new Plan to accommodate this?

Hi @Jimballoon, thanks for reaching out about row limits for the Pro plan. We'd love to understand some high-level detail of the kind of use case your team is looking to solve, and a little bit about your background as a builder.

These details will help our team to 1) understand your use case and 2) prioritize on the roadmap.

Thanks! :beach_umbrella:

Hi @Taylor ,

My use case was mapping tables that will be used on our data lake. I'm creating a HoneyCode application for mapping tables for easy retrieval and modification of data in it. This is now my second application to build on honeycode, the first one was an application for file driven configurations with CRUD and use of API's to back up the table rows to S3. Thanks!

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Thanks for sharing these additional details, @Jimballoon! It's very helpful for us to understand our builders' use cases :honeybee:

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All of the data was used on across different application platforms that's why I need more rows to settle the data in.

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