Rowlink being sent to Zapier not value

I have an automation where I'm sending what I think is a value from a picklist to a webhook to zapier. The variable in zapier is being passed over what seems to be a rowlink not the value in the cell itself.

The picklist is from another table. How would I formulate this?

I see this post

But that seems to be if the picklist is in the same table. My picklist is in a separate table.


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What does the picklist structure look like? It seems like you just need to go one level deeper.

For example. I had an Order table. Inside the order table one column was to choose a sport with a picklist. In order to get the correct value passed to Zapier. I had to do $[Inputrow][Sport][Sport]

The picklist is just from another Table (Candidates_EVerifyStatus) and the column name is E-Verify Status.

I'm trying to reference it from a filter in a webhook

=FINDROW(FILTER(Candidates,"Candidates[SentToExport]<>""YES"""))[EVerify Status]

the EVerify Status column is in a table called "Candidates" and references the picklist in the other table Candidates_EVerifyStatus

It sounds like it would be $[Candidate][E-Verify Status][EVerify Status].

The $[Candidate] (or whatever your variable is called) would be equivalent to THISROW(), which you may be able to use depending on what kind of screen you are on.

Hopefully that helps! I may be misunderstanding so if you can provide screenshots of your app and table that would help!

Hi Max,

Thanks for the reply...

Hopefully this helps. I'm trying to do this via a workbook automation and not a screen/input automation

This is the main table (Candidates)

This is the picklist format

This is the table that has the picklist data

Hi @BradArtman,

Following up here; were you able to get your webhook working?

For what you're looking to do, you can set up an automation with Run Options that specify the rows you wish to pull data from.

In the webhook action, in the "Run the step for these rows" field of the Run Options, enter your filter formula to specify the criteria: =FILTER(Candidates,"Candidates[SentToExport]<>%", "Yes")

Then in the action, you would write the [EVerify Status] to the webhook payload value. Now when the automation runs, the status data would then be sent for each specified row.

Hope that helps! For one more note, I'll echo that the method that @Max provided is one to keep in mind too, for an instance where you may be looking to call data from a rowlink on a screen. (Thanks for chiming in, Max!) :honey_pot: :honeybee:

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Yep, all good now. Thanks much for all the help!


Awesome! Glad you're all set, @BradArtman. :slight_smile:

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