Rowlink with 2 different Column of same table

I am trying to build small application which needs to pickup some standard drop-down content (same like List function from Excel with reference to different column from one single sheet) which is stored in different column of same table. using rowlink i am not able to pickup content from column B for example. Currently I have created multiple master table,difficult to maintain.
Any clue how i can do it?

Hi Dine, thanks for your question. I'm not sure I totally understand your use case but it sounds like you're trying to use rowlinks to access data outside of "Column A." There are multiple ways to do this depending on what you're trying to do exactly. If you just want to display a value other than Column A, you can use "Set Display Text" in the rowlink settings.

If you want to access the value in rowlink for another expression, you can use column references on the rowlink (since it contains the whole row). For example, =[ColumnContainingRowlink][RowlinkColumn]

Hey Thanks Jonathan What I am looking at is the columns storing values independent of "Column A". Attaching screenshot with sample table , using Rowlink user need to pickup Column A value and with different datafield user needs to pickup Column B value.

So my single table becomes master table for me to maintain master values.tableview

hi @Dine-733a, glad you are in the forum and starting to build with Honeycode,

I think you are asking for a master table that can connect (relate) many Banks to many Account Types. This is called a Many-to-Many table. It depends on having a table of Banks and a table of Types of Accounts; these tables list each Bank and Account Type only once, and from these tables you select whatever combination of Bank and Types of Accounts you want in your master table.

To do this, start with your master table (let's call it AccountMappping), just like you have it in the picture. Then you use the wizard to create a picklist (essentially the table behind a rowlink). Like so:

  1. Click on wizard button and choose Picklist wizard:
    Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 5.08.36 PM

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 5.08.50 PM

  1. Select the current table "AccountMapping" from the list of tables, and "Bank" column from the available columns, and "A new table" to create a new table for the list of unique Banks, like so:

  2. Once you click Apply and Go (on the next screen), the wizard will run and create another table with the unique Bank names. Then it will show you the Rowling that it will add in his table - just click "Apply". That table is by default "AccountMapi_Bank" (you can change this later if you want, but no need to). Now you have a rowlink for Banks in your table, and you can add more rows, like so:

Now repeat the same process for Type of Account, and you have the many-to-many table you need. If you want to add more Banks or Type of Account you can add it in the newly/automatically created tables (by the wizard), and you can add mappings (relationships) in your master table.

Congratulations, at this point you would have built your first many-to-many table.

Hope this helps. Let me know if this does not answer your question, or if I misunderstood your ask.

Thanks Daniel for reply,

I am looking at storing data in each column independent of other columns. What i would like to use is the drop-down list on each column to be picked in forms , its like excel data validation list function with Column source.

Hope i have listed my problem , apologies that example i gave was little confusing.


hi @Dine-733a,

Yes, that is exactly what I believe I've described, with the exception of the "Column source." The Picklist wizard creates a list of values that can be entered in a column using the picklist, and it stores those values in a "named table," to use the appropriate Excel lingo. But the effect is the same, you have a controlled list of values that you can enter in a column.

If you want to add to the list of banks you make the change in the "named table" where bank names are stored. If you try to pick or type an invalid bank name, like "Apple Sauce" you get a big warning (like below). And if you want to be sure that only a value from the list can be used you would probably create and share an app, and use a Rowlink data type which will limit the choices to only what's in the list of banks.

It's also worth pointing out that if you are used to sharing xls files with people, you can do that with Honeycode as well (simply share the workbook), but the power of Honeycode really comes when you create a simple app with drop downs, text fields, data validation, mobile access, etc - you are really creating a fully collaborative tool. With five clicks

you can go from the table above to a screen like this:

It seems like you are asking for a pretty straight forward functionality (picklist/rowlink capability), and are just looking to share spreadsheets. This is all fine and possible, but if I've missed something in your requirement, or something about the way you want to use the app, let us know and one of us will reply back.

Hope this helps,

HI Daniel,
Apologies , what you have mentioned as example is already done and I have created around 20 screens with row-links drop downs.
What i am looking at is another screen with drop down option starting with Stocks (from the example screen shot) From my example the three columns do not have any relation, even the row+column do not have any linkage.

I am trying to achieve List functionality of excel, where in I can list different columns as cell drop-downs.

Hope I am clear

Hi @Dine-733a
Thanks for using Honeycode. This is my understanding of your question:

  1. Bank, Type of Account and Stocks columns is all unrelated even though you have them listed in the same table.
  2. You are trying to create a dropdown for options in column Bank, another dropdown that has options from column 'Type of Account' and third dropdown that has options from column 'Stocks'

Assuming this is correct, here is how you can do it. -

I would recommend creating 3 separate tables - one for Bank, another for Type of Account and another for Stocks. Next I would setup the dropdowns by picking the appropriate table like so -

Just an FYI: Rowlinks store all of the data from a specific row in a table, into one cell and as such, include all data from that row.
Relevant article here:

As a general rule, data in a row is typically related such as people's names and their phone numbers. Unrelated data (e.g., people names, company names) should be stored in different rows or in different tables (depending on the use case.) We have a good article on data modeling that you might find helpful:

Hope this helps!

Thanks Sid,
After lot of permutations and combinations , I tried doing and finally I have created different tables. I was looking to consolidate one single master table country wise.
The tables i creating were the information tables like No.of Banks / Type of Stocks / Type of MF etc. listed in each column. I was following excel structure which i need to forget and start looking at Data modeling and re-write the application design. :slightly_smiling_face: