Send a notification/email with the contents of a form when its submitted

I have a form that workers will use to brief me on the day operations before they begin. They include things like weather conditions and comments. I was trying to make it so that once they submitted the form it would send me an email with the information that they entered.

I tried setting it up through the builder automation as well as the table wizard but could not figure it out. Any ideas?

Hi @Just-3b79, welcome to the community! Thank you for the post and I'm happy to help you on this question. I'll first state that you should be able to use either of the two notification methods that you mentioned for this, but with what you described, I'm thinking builder automation seems like it may be a better fit. Would you mind describing what you have tried and what issue(s) were encountered during the process? Feel free to share screen shots too if that will help.

Generally speaking though you should add a button on screen and then under Actions select add a Notify automation action. From there you simply add your name to the To: field, any subject you'd like (e.g. Daily Operations Message), and then provide a customized message. Inside the Subject and Message fields you can also reference variables/data cell values to further customize the message (such as weather conditions and comments).

For example, you could have something like this in the subject line:
=today(): Daily Operations Message

And then in the message box:
Today's weather is =$[WeatherInput] and here are the additional comments: =$[Comments]

Take note of the properties of the weather and comments data cells below:

And then this (ignore the missing recipient error):

Now once the app is launched and the Send button is clicked, the message should go out...


Hope this helps but please let us know if you need additional guidance.

Hi @Just-3b79, checking in on this. How's the day operations briefing app coming along? Need any additional assistance? Happy to help if so.