Sending a list to a webhook

Hello! I'm looking for a way to send an entire list of values to a webhook. For example, I have a list of URLs that go with an order and want those values to be in an array for the webhook.

I have my app set up so that a list is displayed on my screen with a filter that matches the main order. Users can add as many links as they'd like.

The closest I can get right now is getting the count that matches the filter.
Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 2.12.40 PM
Any ideas on how to get an array of the list? Thank you!

Hi Max,

Thanks for this question!

To run an action on multiple rows or list, you would specify the desired rows with a Filter formula in the Run Options of the action in the automation.

However, I’ll note that we tested this method with a webhook automation, and it is not returning expected results right now. I’ve raised this to our team to take a look and address.

For a work-around in the time being, perhaps you could create a certain amount of fields for users to add links and designate those to write to separate payload key.

Here’s how that example would look:

I understand that this would put a finite amount of links a user could add, however it could be a solution for the time being. :slight_smile:

We’re also happy to help brainstorm other building solutions, just depending on how your app is set up. Just let us know :honeybee: :honey_pot:

Thanks, Alyssa. Bummer that it isn't working as expected. For the Run Options method, I have other payload values I also wanted to pass. Do I have to do this one separately in a second action and different Webhook URL since it would use the Run Option?

Also, would an alternative be to use the Honeycode QueryTableRows API and then iterate through the rows?

Hi @Max,

For each webhook action, you can send multiple payload values to the same webhook URL. And in Zapier, you can specify where each payload value will go. (no need to create separate action or urls)

In my example above, I had all three payload values are going to the same webhook.

And for your second question, yes, Honeycode APIs are another option for sending data :slight_smile:

You're correct in that the QueryTableRows API may fit your use case, since it can be used to query for specific rows in the table using a filter function.

Thanks! The API may be a better option for now.

To explain in more detail on the other point. I mean - do I need 2 webhooks since one action would use the "Run Options" for the Links payload, however, with the rest of the payload values I will not want to use the same Run Options?

Hi @Max,

Great, I'm happy that the Honeycode APIs will work for you :slight_smile:

For your question, the Run Options would allow you to specify which rows to run the action on.

If you had a different action you need to run on different rows, then you would enter different criteria in the run options for another action.

However, as noted in my previous reply, it is not working as expected right now for webhook actions, so I would just leave that field blank for now. (If you create actions without entering anything in the Run Options, it will just run that action once).

Let me know if that helps clarify :honey_pot: :honeybee:

Hi @Alyssa, so I would have 2 actions using the same webhook URL? One action would have the first values I want to pass, then the second action would have the payload value with the run options criteria.

The reason I ask is because we can only do Run Options per action, not per payload value.

For example. I want to do the "Order Deadline" here with the input row (not using Run Options criteria) and then the Links I want it to use the Run Options. Would these 2 have to be in 2 different actions?

All of this of course is assuming it is working as expected :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Max,

Thanks for the screenshot and reply (Also, Happy New Year!) :slight_smile:

If you have separate actions you need to run over different rows, then yes, you would need to create two different actions.

So for your example, the action that writes the order deadline could be a separate action that runs only once (It would have nothing in the Run Options fields).

For the second action, you would put the Filter formula in your Run Options (the field that says "Run the step for these rows"), and in the Payload value, you would specify which value from those rows it will write (in your case, the link value of that row).

And yes, that would be for when the Run Options are working as expected. I would suggest for the time being to try out the Honeycode APIs as you noted in this thread as an alternative. :honeybee: :honey_pot: