Set Notifications from Builder


Notifications configured using Builder keep you and your team up-to-date with an email notification and an in-app notification when an app user triggers a start condition (e.g. after an app user clicks the Confirm button, an email notification and an in-app notification are sent to you and your team).


:hammer_and_wrench: Builder's tip: Please note that these steps assume you already have a table of data and an app.

  1. Select an Object in Builder, toggle to ACTIONS and click + Create an automation.

  1. Click + Add actions then click Notify.

Set Notifications from Builder_Image 2

  1. Fill out the To, Subject and Message fields.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder’s tip: The To field and Subject field are mandatory. The Message field is optional. The To field only accepts email addresses for people in your organization that are formatted as contacts (meaning they populate as you type their information). Honeycode will not send a notification to a free-form email address.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder’s tip: You can add data cells to your message to display actual data from your app screen. Start by typing = and configure the data you want to show. The GIF shows a data cell being configured with variable syntax =$[].

Set Notifications from Builder_GIF

  1. Click < BACK to apply your new automation.
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