Set Variable from button in Block with Data Source

I am attempting to display data from a table in the same block that has a button to change the visibility of screen blocks.

When I set the data source of the block (This source specifically:"=Filter(Summary_Scope_Labor_Item,"Summary_Scope_Labor_Item[Scope Group]=$[InputRow]")" the button does not set the variable. When the block has no data source the button sets the "$[ShowLabor]" variable to false or true.

Is this the designed functionality? It seems strange that a variable could not be set from anywhere on the screen.

Hi @Jaso-fe21, welcome to the community and thanks for your post! :honeybee:

Looking at your formula, your block's source formula may simply be: =$[InputRow]

If the block's source formula is not pointing to a data source or has a syntax error, it will cause the different variables in that block to not evaluate. Generally, the input row on the screen is the data source (for example, on a details screen). You do not need to set a data source either, if your screen variables do not depend on one.

I hope that helps clarify! :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any other questions.