Share app with an embeddable link in a website

hi honeycode community:

is there a way to share a honeycode app using an embeddable link inside a website?

this is to enable customers who visits that domain/website to:

a. view workbook data (read-only will do)
b. add their entries (writable)

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Hi @Juni-b9dd, welcome to the community! :honeybee: :slight_smile:

As of now, you cannot embed Honeycode in a website, however you can add a link to a Honeycode app in a website. In order for a user to view the app from that link, they will need to have a Honeycode account, and the app will need to be shared with them in your team.

Others have requested the ability to embed Honeycode as well, so I'll add your ask to the feature request. Just so we have more information, could you provide more around your use case and how this feature would help your team?


thanks alyssa, appreciate it. the use cases are around hosting honeycode apps that are customer-facing. once embedded inside websites, they can be made available for public consumption.

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