Show tasks of logged user


Hope everyone is enjoying Honeycode!

I am creating a screen that shows specific tasks for the logged user. I am using this


as the source for the list however I get zero tasks. If I replace the $[SYS_USER] with "Name" as text I get a correct result.


That formula looks correct, is it returning an error?

If not, I suspect that there’s an issue in the app builder, maybe you have a blank list with no sources data cells?

No error, it just evaluates to 0. Maybe I should change the variable type to text before comparing? If I hard code the name using parentheses it will evaluate to the number of tasks correctly,

Are any of the tasks assigned to you? When viewing, you are the sys user

Yes sure, I double checked that.

What is stored in the owner column? A name, or a contact?

If you’re just storing names in owner column you’ll need to pull the corresponding field from the contact row.

$[sys_user][first name]

It is stored as a contact and referred as a rowlink in the Tasks table. (same as task example)

I’m stumped :thinking:. Can you post screenshots of the tables and app builder screens?

I hope this gives you an idea.

So the type of $[SYS_USER] is contact?

Found the solution: It should be


Thanks @AndrewB

Glad you figured it out! :slight_smile: