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What apps have you created that integrate with another service? We’d love to see what you’re building!

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What to share:

  • Show us a Honeycode app you created that integrates with another service (screenshots, gifs, etc. Please remember to omit or blur out personal information)

  • Or simply share an idea or concept of an app integration!

Let us know how the app helps your business, and your experience of building it in Honeycode.

If you have not yet integrated other services into Honeycode apps, visit here to learn how.

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Hello, I did made a intergation between Honeycode and Amazon Connect, with this intergation the supervisors of the contact center can add a message for the customers when they are calling the contact center. I can show more of this. but I don't know where to post it.


Very cool, @Fred-a30b, that's a great use case! :smiley:

You can show more about your app here in this thread, if you'd like. :slight_smile:

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I have built an Honeycode app "DIY tips app" that enables to create content for the Alexa Skill. The Alexa Skill is based on a JSON database that contains the list of DIY activities. The Honeycode app gives the possibility to easily create or update a DIY suggestion using a mobile app or a browser, and then sends the suggestion to Alexa through Zapier.

Everyone can share or propose a DIY! Without any coding skills, even my kids can quickly add a DIY suggestion to the Alexa Skill using Honeycode app :slight_smile:

The Honeycode DIY tips app enables to create content for the Alexa Skill:

The Honeycode DIY tips app sends data to Amazon S3 through Zapier using automation:

The data are sent to S3 using Zapier:

The data are received in S3 can be processed in order to update the Alexa Skill database (JSON file):

When the data sent by Honeycode DIY tips app through Zapier are received by S3, they are processed and transformed by a Lambda function and then they can update the DIY tips Alexa Skill database. The Honeycode app linked with Alexa can bring a full customer experience from the User Interface to Voice User Interface.


Very exciting, @Joel-1ada! Thanks for sharing this preview of your app. What a fun way to collaborate with your kids. We're looking forward to learning more about your app and experience in the coming weeks :honeybee:


Thank you @Taylor :slight_smile: this project has been the opportunity to work as a team with my kids! But I will share soon other projects using Honeycode integration. Hope it will inspire other builders. Looking forward to publish more ideas :wink:

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Our Honeycode app is not sexy and far from being complete. However, the genuinely cool element we have found during our proof of concept is the potential of engineering an application that can compete against existing tailored applications in usability, functionality, extensibility, price and maintenance cost.

We have a clear idea on how to develop a tool that will help Data Privacy Officers, data subjects, application owners (e.g. e-commerce) and marketing teams comply with GDPR. Key features include consent management, privacy data source tracking, tagging and GDPR audit reporting.

Complementary features like customer consent capture and storage, data assertion capture and storage, customer authentication fit into product features provided by PingIdentity. PingFederate, already installed, is an Identity and Access Management solution for which Honeycode already has a well-developed integration pattern. Thanks to the Honeycode API framework and the capability of effortless showcasing a mobile app companion, I'm sure we can outperform commercial tools on the market today.


That's a great idea @FlyingZebra Your Honeycode app will be connected to an RDS database or S3 bucket?

Large datasets, mainly about customer data, are kept in "Ping Directory" (Similar product to Active Directory, but better tailored to store rich, structured and unstructured data). Both have an API gateway, so interfacing between Ping Directory and Honeycode is achievable. The smaller business datasets produced by the DPO, marketing teams and application owners will remain in Honeycode tables.

As we are in a pilot phase and Honeycode itself remaining in beta for quite a while, we did not think about resilience options like backup/restore (probably using S3 bucket or glacier), versioning etc

Thank you @FlyingZebra my advice is to leverage as much as possible integration with S3 which works very well with AppFlow or Zapier. If you need any help in your building journey, happy to help and share some tips :slight_smile:

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I'm still not 100% sure if I should share this idea. Because is a workaround to the limit of 2500 rows in Honeycode. It feels like if I was doing something ilegal :sweat_smile: (Hopefully I'm not going to jail for this - And, I ask for permission during the latest webinar on Zapier and AppFlow).

Because my client was interested in a solution that do not only allowed him to PROCESS data but also STORES it.

So, the idea was to use a trigger to sent the data to Google Sheets once his team has finish with it. A simple and direct solution. To take the most of both worlds. Real-time Information Processing (Honeycode) and a huge, almost free, space to place, unchanging, information (Google Sheets)

That got me thinking on new possible ways to Honeycode to monetize. And I realized that Pricing involves many factors. Maybe a combination of use-based pricing and a recurring fee would suit it better. But I guess that's why we are still in Beta

Greatings from Llama land!

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Hi @Fritz.dvl,

Thanks for sharing about your app integration with Google Sheets! We enjoy seeing your solutions and use cases, so always feel free to share what you're discovering. :slight_smile:

Honeycode's two-way integration with Zapier and AppFlow enable many ways to leverage the power of other services with Honeycode, so there's a lot of potential of what you can do!

Keep on exploring, and share anything else you'd like with us. :honey_pot: :honeybee:


Thanks to everyone that shared their app integrations on this thread! :smiley:

@Fred-a30b , @Joel-1ada , @FlyingZebra , @Fritz.dvl

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