Show us your apps!

Hi Honeycoders, what apps have you created so far? Something to improve a process? Manage a personal hobby? We want to know!

Share your creations below and be sure to exclude personal information :smiley:


Hi @Taylor I have developed a customized To-do app which manages the priorities and the categories of task (using conditional formatting). This app will continue to evolve.

More apps to be developed soon.


Thank you for sharing, @Joel-1ada! What a great approach to a To-Do list - I personally love conditional formatting. Excited to see how your app evolves :smiley:

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Hi @Taylor, i started to develop my first app :slightly_smiling_face:
It's a food storage manager with a particular eye on expiry dates.


Thank you for sharing with us, @Simone! What a fun way to track your perishable foods. Don't forget to eat the banane though :banana: :sweat_smile:

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Don't worry @Taylor, i have 2 more days for bananas :wink: , but i'm so sad for oranges :frowning:


Hi Taylor,

We run a social enterprise in Vietnam, where we help disadvantaged young adults into work. We are only small but work with some international NGO's and so far have helped over 300 people to find employment.

I have been developing some functionality in Honeycode to assist with running the business.

We have a sales leads management app, which reminds us of what actions we need to take on each lead:

When looking at the lead detail we can see the next agreed action and the history of actions in a subform, which links to the full description of the action.

I've also added a full list of our beneficiaries to it

Where we can track what projects they work on and what they get paid alongside their training, so that we can produce impact reports from this data.

Finally we have all our business partners

Where for each partner they are tagged as a customer, employer, referrer or supplier and we can add multiple addresses and multiple contacts to each partner record.

This is all test data, so dont worry, there are no personal details showing.

We really feel that the licensing model adopted by Amazon on this product can seriously help organisations like ours (who don't have big budgets) to develop workable solutions at enterprise strength to help in our mission to reduce poverty and human trafficking. I am sure it will also be an excellent tool for fully commercial organisations too.

Two things I would really like to do next are:

  1. Start using Honeycode for tracking financials - starting with expense claims. However I will wait for the ability to upload receipt photos before starting on this.

  2. Extract the data to a database where I can run analytical reports on it. Or have the ability to run analytical reports on the native tables. I am aware that we can pull data out via the API with a paid AWS account, but I would very much like to be able to trial that before committing expenditure to it. We are currently working on a project with the UN to perform analysis on this data so as to use ML and AI to help our beneficiaries to build their career paths with the most effective and timely training interventions.


Hi @Taylor, I've just signed up for the platform and have been trying it out by building an "Everyday Racism" app, where people can record instances of everyday, low-level prejudice or discrimination in a safe, anonymous environment. Inspired by the Everyday Sexism website.


It's pretty basic but have learnt a lot, got a few questions which I'll post on the relevant discussion forum.



Hi @PaulBappoo, this is truly an inspiring app you've built, and a testament to the range of services and use cases Honeycode could help individuals, like yourself, find solutions to. I'll be sure to pass along your feedback to the Product team for review as well.

Please continue to share your journey with us!

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Welcome to the community, @Matt_BicycleBook, and thank you for sharing your app with us! We're humbled to know Honeycode is supporting your efforts for a great cause. Please do reach out to our community with any questions so we can help along the way :grinning:

Thanks @Taylor - a great cause indeed although I'm not sure if it will ever be used! I've seen the thread about making apps public which is not currently possible, so it would be good to find out if that is going to change anytime soon.

Anyway it was mainly to practice and I'll keep learning as I go.



Making it public would be a big help to me as well. With the current model I can only use it with people who are specifically invited.


We hear you @Matt_BicycleBook & @Mattimus, and have received similar feedback from other customers. I'll make sure these points are included in the notes to our Product team for review :honeybee: :smiley:


You are legend man lol


Hi, I have created a few screens for Business Trip Expenses app. Yet to work further.

I hope sharing the link of my article on Honeycode is not violating the community guidelines.


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Welcome to our community, @Sadh-1e5f, and thanks for sharing your work! It's great to read about your experience while building your app in Honeycode. Please continue to share your journey with the community :honeybee:

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